Anastsia Orlova
The board book «What does Santa Claus bring us? » by Anastasia Orlova will create a festive atmosphere and make your baby's first Christmas fun and amazing. It's colorful, very entertaining, a bit challenging, and guaranteed to be a perfect Christmas gift for babies and toddlers.

The book includes funny poems about the snowflakes, a Christmas tree, Christmas decorations, and of course Christmas gifts! The book is small and printed on very thick cardboard and also has rounded edges for safety. Also, it contains toy puzzles with characters. The puzzles are large and easy to handle, together they form a chain. Putting puzzles in a chain, the child will develop a lot of useful skills, and the kind poems and illustrations will add a little magic to these activities.

According to readers, they like that illustrations look like vintage Christmas postcards. It provides a warm holiday atmosphere and a sense of family celebration.

Mixed media: paper, gouache, crayons, pastel
was Exhibited

  • 2019
    MORS International Festival of Book Illustration and Visual Literature
    Moscow, Russia