The anthology includes literary translations into Russian of such work as poetic and prose work by 201 authors written in 55 national languages, review essays on the literary languages and traditions of the Russian peoples, as well as brief biographical information about the authors of the collection. This is an outstanding collector's edition that there are no analogues to in its scope. More than 190 peoples live in the territory of Russia, and the book gives us an idea of their life, literature, and folklore.

The anthology brought together writers, poets, illustrators from all over the country. It was a great honor for me to create images for such a great and domestically important project. The anthology was published with the support of the Federal Press and Mass Communications Agency as part of the Federal Program "Culture of Russia".

Mixed media: paper, gouache, crayons, pastel
was Exhibited

  • 2018
    International Biennale of illustration
    Haifa, Israel
  • 2017
    MORS International Festival of Book Illustration and Visual Literature
    Moscow, Russia
Tale "How the watch was repaired" by Zaynap Suleymanova
Chechen language
Poem "Babai" by Reseda Valeeva
Tatar language
Poem "Malikat" by Jamaldin Mamaev
Chechen language
Tale "What's left for the sparrows?" by Aisha Kurbanova
Dargwa language
Tale "Children of our aul" by Galina Kazachinina
Khakas language
Tale "The hare is not a friend to the Fox" by Ilya Topoev
Khakas language
Tale "Desire to work" by Peisakh Mishiev
Tat language (Caucasus)